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Wheel and Rim Straightening

Baker's Rim and Wheel Repair provides expert bent rim and wheel straightening. Our ACU-TRU® rim and wheel repair process enables us to correct curb checked wheels to within .010 run out for a smooth and safe ride.

Wheels and rims are bent every day whether it be a pothole, curb or accident. Uncorrected vibrations will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. As an ACU-TRU® Dealer, we can repair your bent wheels on the same day depending on the severity of damage. We provide guaranteed alloy wheel repair services to individuals and businesses alike. Steel wheels can also be repaired but replacement is usually a better choice. In either case, we can service our customers with exceptional wheel repair services.

Wheel and Rim Refinishing

As an ACU-TRU® Dealer, we provide exceptional wheel refinishing services for OEM stock and custom wheels. Our work is done in-house at Baker's Alignment after the evaluation of your wheels. Your finish is color matched using manufacturer paint codes for all domestic and foreign automobiles while utilizing high quality factory paint. Our services are guaranteed, see your Baker's Alignment representative for more information on wheel and rim refinishing services.

We provide complete rim reconditioning services for new car dealers, used car dealers, body shops, tire stores, automotive recyclers, junk yards and the general public throughout the greater Pontiac Michigan and Oakland County area.

Wheel and Rim Remanufacturing

We can provide full service wheel and rim remanufacturing. Replacement wheels can be very expensive making a full restoration or remanufacturing a viable option. Replacement wheels can cost hundreds of dollars sometimes running well over $1,000.

Our process starts by stripping the wheel. Priming, painting welding and machining are all part of the remanufacturing process depending on the specific requirements of your wheel. We can save you a significant amount of time and money by utilizing ACU-TRU® approved and trained techniques for wheel remanufacturing.

Wheel and Rim Sales

Unfortunately, some wheels are not safe to repair. This is not a problem as we, as an ACU-TRU® Dealer have access to the largest wheel database and network of affiliated dealers available. Our database contains wheels for all makes and models of vehicles. All in-stock wheels are available for immediate shipment direct to your location. Click here to take a look at our wheel catalog. Click here to browse our wheel catalog and find your wheel today.

Our Work

Need An Upgrade?

Check out a recent customer's Chevy Tahoe that was upgraded from 17" factory rims to 20" factory rims refinished in custom hyper silver below.

tahoe before

tahoe aftertahoe after

tahoe aftertahoe after

tahoe aftertahoe after


Forged SND Billeted Aftermarket Rim Repair


The Journey of a Bent Motorcycle Wheel Repair

Stage 1 - Task: tru and straighten a bent BMW motorcycle wheel. The wheel is received at our facility in Dayton, OH and ordered to be straightened, trued and sealed in house utilizing the ACU-TRU System.
Stage 2 - Here is the same BMW wheel continuing through the ACU-TRU straightening process.
Stage 3 - With the intense straightening completed the truing begins. This video illustrates the wheel's progress just after completing the first stage of truing.
Stage 4 - After the 2nd stage of truing, this wheel has received two coats of an industrial self etching primer to help eliminate any leaks that can occur in the future due to corrosion.
Stage 5 - This is the completed product. We applied a silver finish to the bead seats and barrel of the wheel after putting it through the full ACU-TRU wheel repair process. It will now perform as good as new and provide years of service at a fraction of the cost of a new BMW motorcycle wheel.

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