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ACU-TRU® The Nations Foremost Standardized Alloy Wheel Repair and Quality Control System

The ACU-TRU® Wheel Repair System is the nation's foremost wheel and rim quality control system offering expert training in wheel repair & restoration, proprietary wheel straightening equipment and regional licensing for ACU-TRU® Authorized Dealers.

Safe and reliable remanufacturing guidelines are adhered to throughout the wheel repair process

  • Lateral Run out is corrected to within .005 for a smooth and safe ride.
  • New Wheels, Used Rims, and Remanufactured Aluminum, Alloy, Steel, and Chrome Rims all pass through the same Quality Checks.
  • ACU-TRU® Wheels are used by Brigdestone Firestone of North America due to their exactness, consistancy, and reliability.
  • The tests performed on tires require a consistant baseline or a trouble free wheel. This enables the tire company to address quality of ride issues in the development of their tire lines.

ACU-TRU ® Authorized wheels are checked and graded in these six specific areas of importance

  • Vibration
  • Lug Port Distortion
  • Structual Integrity
  • Bead Seat Corrosion
  • Lateral Run Out
  • High Speed Balance

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